Monday, June 10, 2013

Cats, friends and cooking

This morning I went to visit Brenda, who does cat rescue.  My sweet Luka kitty met a sad end a couple of months ago and I am looking at adopting soon, so have been visiting with Brenda and have selected two cats - Max the Manx and a tabby currently called Sugar Plum.  Brenda has 30 cats at present ranging from sweet kittens to grumpy old cats.  Max and SP - who I will be calling Lucy - are both about 15 months old and have been with Brenda almost 12 months.  Max has a few health problems at the moment, so they can't come to me until he is on the mend.  I just hope the pills work soon and the two of them can come home with me and face meeting my three dogs - and won't that be fun!

I came home in time for a nice bowl of lentil soup - boy was it welcome because it was a crappy day weatherwise.  Anyone might think it was winter.

After lunch, a quick trip out for a cuppa with some of the girls, and then home again and my friend Janet came over and stayed for dinner - home made Moroccan lamb pizza, which was really delicious.

I have started a boiled fruitcake, which should be ready to go into the oven shortly.

So a busy day.

Very interesting day politically with all the scuttlebut about the ALP Leadership.  Who knows who is lying?  Time will tell.  At least this week in politics will be very interesting again.  I wonder how many fibs will be flung around.

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