Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oh What A Night - Menugate

I was planning to write today about how I hoped the Prime Minister had been telling porkies with her  comments yesterday about the role of women in the Coalition.

And then the Mal Brough's menu proved she was 100% accurate.  And if you look at the menu, it is littered with offensive jibes.  But boy did they go overboard with offensiveness on the PM.

Even if they are not prepared to respect the office - which they obviously aren't - there is no reading of the menu that could disguise its offensiveness.

And so far the presence of Joe Hockey has slipped under the radar.  He cannot have been unaware of the menu.

And if this is an example of what they think is funny and an appropriate way to refer to women, then I sure hope they do not win government.  I am appalled at this.  It is grubby, nasty and so far removed from what I want to see in my government or in anyone who represents me.

Do you think he would have said something similar about Julie Bishop or Connie Fierravanti-Wells and lived? At the least he would have been emasculated.

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